John Koutselinis has been composing high quality film scores with notable collaborations comprising of music written for film directors such as  Michael Redwood (Katherine of Alexandria) , Danny Wilson (Nephilim) Mel Smith (Director: High Heels and Low Lifes, Radioland Murders-Story by George Lucas) Richard Bazley (Disney, Warner Bros) and Gary Kurtz (Producer: Star Wars IV & V).

So far he has composed the musical score for the UK epic feature film ‘Katherine of Alexandria’
(Lionsgate,features:Nicole Keniheart, Peter O’Toole, Steven Berkoff), ‘Nephilim’ (John Savage), award winning films and documentaries (Temptation, The Dinorwick Slate Quarry), film trailers including 'Dragonball Z - The Saiyan Saga' and music for short films including ‘The League of Legends’,
Aaron Garcia’s ‘We are Angels’ featuring Lisa Brenner (The Patriot) and Courtney Gaines
(Children of the Corn & Back to the Future).

Last year John has seen his second Jerry Goldsmith award nomination and a win for the 'Outstanding Composer Award' (LAwebfest). This year he is set to complete the music for the epic animation 'Nephilim'.In addition he will write the jazz orientated score for the Film Noir titled 'Soho', starring Luke Perry and has been recently attached to compose the music for 'Conspiracy Rising' which is to be completed in 2015.(Please click here for the full biog)


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Decline Of An Empire - A Lionsgate Release

Katherine of Alexandria - Narration by Peter O'Toole



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'Katherine of Alexandria' Is to be released August 2014.

Recently scored feature film ‘Katherine of Alexandria’ is to be released in the US under the title
'Decline of an Empire' by Lionsgate and also in Germany in August 2014.

The film features the remarkable story of Saint Katherine, from her early years to her abduction by Emperor Maxentius, through to her demise on the spiked wheel and her impact to an entire Empire by her wisdom and defiance. The film also explores her connection to Constantine the Great.

'Katherine of Alexandria' is Directed by Michael Redwood and features Peter O’Toole, Nicole Keniheart, Steven Berkoff  & Edward Fox amongst others. 



World Premiere of the orchestral suite 'The Flight of Pegasus'

Orchestral suite, 'The Flight Of Pegasus' composed & orchestrated by John Koutselinis
is to be premiered by the TPO on Sunday 22nd June.

The evening includes music from Schindler’s List,
The Last of the Mohicans, Dances with Wolves and The Lord of The Rings.

Performers: The People’s Orchestra
Iain Masson: Principal Conductor

Freddie Miles: Assistant Conductor

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New Short Film ‘Centurion Resurrection’ in post-production,

Recently scored short film ‘Centurion Resurrection’ is now in post-production.

The film has been produced by HBK Hybrid which features:

Director -Richard Bazley – (Disney, Warner Bros)
Gary Kurtz (Producer: Star Wars IV & V, The Dark Crystal) and
executive producer Paul Goodenough.

Mingus Johnston.

For more information on the film please visit:

Centurion Resurrection-IMDb Page



"Working with so many great actors for 'Katherine of Alexandria' such as Peter O' Toole, Steven Berkoff, Edward Fox, Joss Ackland and many more, I knew that John would bring a fresh, and yet classical theme to the picture. He is the easiest composer I have ever worked with, possessing no ego, and being a great communicator but most of all, the score on Katherine is stunning and it speaks for itself."  

Michael Redwood, Director